How to Book

Most API users send bookers to for the reservation process. Partners who need to use the API for bookings must be PCI DSS-compliant and have the appropriate contracts in place. See the [support section]( for questions about partner access to endpoints. ## Linking to Use the output field **hotel_url** available on the **/hotels**, **/hotelAvailability**, and **/blockAvailability** endpoints to retrieve the property’s URL. ## Booking via the API Use the **/processBooking** endpoint to send guest bookings via the API. Partners must have an SSL certificate in order to use **/processBooking**. Since customer details and credit card information will be collected, the partner must be PCI DSS-compliant. Note that will send the booking confirmation to both the property and the guest. **Important:** Use test_mode=1 for testing **/processBooking** but NEVER as a method for checking availability and NEVER in a production environment. Always use the availability endpoints for this purpose. The reservation process offers two different confirmation messages: an on-screen confirmation message which can be printed by the guest, and a confirmation email sent to the email address the guest provided. If **/processBooking** is used to finalize the reservation,’s on-screen confirmation message will not be deployed. An on-screen confirmation message needs to be presented via the partner's website according to the following specifications: - The logo should be visible. - The reservation number needs to be in the confirmation message, near the logo. - Guest names as sent to the server via **/processBooking** need to be displayed clearly in the confirmation message. - No prices or room descriptions should be displayed in the confirmation message. This information will be present in the confirmation email. - The on-screen confirmation message needs to be approved by the support team. - will send the confirmation email directly to the guest. Price and room description information will be present in the confirmation email. - The **guest_name** input parameter in **/processBooking** should be the first and last name of the booker.