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Tutorial: Create a test property

In this tutorial, you'll learn to use the Connectivity APIs to create a new test property and get it to the stage "Ready to Check". "Ready to Check" means that the property has enough content to pass our automated checks.

What is a test property?

A test property is a simulated profile that you can create in our system. It is not a real property, but it has most of the same features and functionalities that real properties do. The only difference is that test property is not available to be booked on the website. This then allows you to check various functions of the system without having to use a real property.

Who is this for?

You should read this if you're any of the following:

  • a developer who works for a company that wants to become a certified Connectivity Partner;
  • a developer who works for an existing Connectivity Partner, but is new to the Connectivity APIs;
  • a developer who wants to estimate the time needed to implement the API.

If you are a non-content API provider, you’ll need to contact the Connectivity Support team for your region. Click here to find out how.

Before you start

You will need this to complete the tutorial:

A machine account with the correct permissions.To create a machine account, log in to the Connectivity Portal. To get the right permissions, speak to your account manager.
An understanding of our authentication and security methods.Your requests will not work unless you use the correct headers and protocols.
At least one legal entity ID.Keep reading to learn how to retrieve your legal entity information.
Once a test property...

...always a test property. The property you create in this tutorial will never appear on A test property cannot reach the stage "Open Bookable". This tutorial is meant as an introduction to the API only.