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Build the travel planning experience that works best for you and your audience with our API solution

A single connection to stays, transportation and attractions

Car rentals*
Airport taxis*

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Customise your travel experience

Select the API integration that matches your business needs

Content only

Share our content with your audience and redirect them to our platform to plan and book their next trip

Search and Look

Let your audience start their search on your website and redirect them to our platform to complete their booking

Entire booking journey

Allow your audience to search, find and book their next trip directly on your website

Post-booking, Report and Loyalty

Create a complete travel experience with search, booking, payments, reporting and loyalty programmes

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Read the documentation
Learn about how you can use our API
Register as an affiliate partner
Access our API by joining our Affiliate Partner Programme
Complete your account details
Fill in your legal information and provide your bank details
Choose the API capabilities you prefer
Integrate your selected API to your website
Get authentication token
Receive your key to enable the sandbox environment
Start testing
Try out the API and check everything is working correctly
Go live – connect your audience to worldwide travel