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Enable travellers to easily find and choose the properties and products they want to book.

The /accommodations API

The /accommodations API is a subset of Demand API endpoints that provides functionality specific to the accommodations sector of the travel market. The API gives your application access to's extensive inventory of properties, covering many different destinations and types of property.

You will need to use /accommodations endpoints if your application implements any of the following application flows.



The /accommodations endpoints provide all the information your application needs to:

  1. Help travellers easily find and choose the properties they want to book.
  2. Redirect them to to make their booking. (Or, if you also use the /orders API, you can process and manage bookings yourself.)

The following sections briefly describe the available endpoints and their purpose.

Search, availability and pricing

Find available properties and products that match a traveller's requirements (their destination, dates and guests):

Property details

Get all the information about a property that a traveller might want to know - from basic details such as its name and address, photos, to opening hours, what types of payment it accepts, what facilities it has, room details and so on:

Accommodations identifiers

Get the mappings of identifiers to names for data that is specifically related to accommodations, so that you can map names to identifiers in requests, and identifiers to names in responses:

  • /accommodations/chains - List the unique identifiers and associated names of property chains and brands.
  • /accommodations/constants - List the unique identifiers and associated names of different data types used with properties - for example, room facilities such as "Tea/Coffee maker", or property types such as "Bed and breakfasts".


Get reviews from previous guests and statistical ratings for properties, to help your travellers gauge their quality:

Note: You can only use the /accommodations/reviews and /accommodations/reviews/scores endpoints if your partner agreement with allows it.


Extensive filtering capabilities

The /accommodations endpoints provide extensive filtering capabilities that you can use to tailor and optimise your searches to suit both your business model and the traveller's requirements. For example:

  • You can restrict your property searches in different ways, such as by location (country, city, region, proximity to an airport), type, brand, payment type.
  • See Destination fields and Filter criteria for more details of the filtering capabilities provided by /accommodations/search.

Tailored output

By default, all endpoints return basic data that will always be needed. The /accommodations/search, /accommodations/availability and /accommodations/details endpoints also provide an extras field in the request, which you can use to return additional information.

For example, on an /accommodations/details call you can optionally return any combination of the following information about a property: photos, additional description, details of facilities, accepted payment methods, meal and cancellation policies, and room details. If your application provides detailed property pages you may want all of this information; if you just present summary details about properties, you may just want photos, or none of it.