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Self-assessment tutorial: Derived Pricing API

In this Self-assessment tutorial, you will use the Derived Pricing API to:

  • Setting a leading occupancy for a room/rate
  • Setting derived pricing rules for other possible occupancies that this room/rate can accommodate

When successfully implemented, whenever a price is set for a specific room/rate/date combination:

  • The price will be for the leading occupancy
  • The derived pricing rules will determine the prices for the other occupancy levels

Who is this for?

You should read this if you're any of the following:

  • a developer who works for an existing Connectivity Partner which had certified for Rates & Availability API and is preparing to implement derivedprices
  • a developer who wants to estimate the time needed to implement the derivedprices
  • a developer who wants to try out derivedprices on test environment

Before you start

You will need the below to complete the following:

  • A test property with an active room type that can cater to 2 or more guests
  • Already using OTA_HotelRateAmountNotif or availability to set rates over API

Step 1 - Specify standard price

For this step, set a price for the maximum occupancy of the room. Don't set an additional price for a single adult.

B.XML example:
<date value="2019-08-28">
  <rate id="12345"/>
OTA example:
  <BaseByGuestAmt AmountAfterTax="4500" DecimalPlaces="2"/>

When you have specified prices for your rooms, you can specify the desired offsets.

Step 2 - Specify offsets

Send a request to the following endpoint to specify offset

Sample request body
    <room id="1000202">
        <rate id="12345" leading_occupancy="2">
          <occupancy persons="3" percentage="25" round="1" />
          <occupancy persons="4" additional="10" />
          <occupancy persons="5" percentage="-15" />
          <occupancy persons="6" additional="-5" round="0" />

The above request will do the following for the room/rate product of room with ID 1000202 (<room id="1000202">) and rate with ID 12345

<rate id="12345" leading_occupancy="2">leading occupancy will be set to 2 persons
<occupancy persons="3" percentage="25" round="1" />For a 3-persons booking
  • the price will correspond to 25% more
  • always rounded down to 0 decimal places
<occupancy persons="4" additional="10" />For a 4-persons booking
  • the price will correspond to an additional amount of 10 in the currency set
<occupancy persons="5" percentage="-15" />For a 5-persons booking
  • the price will correspond to 15% less
<occupancy persons="6" additional="-5" round="0" />For a 6-persons booking
  • the price will correspond to an amount decreased by 5, in the currency set
  • never rounded down
  • the price will correspond to 25% more
  • always rounded down to 0 decimal places
Sample response
<!-- RUID: [UmFuZG9tSVYkc2RlIyh9YWDBx32oy3x3Ccs+urTlxzG2rsOzD1t9dXjyrNEjkjXKN0kEqyEPcel6V+ZiSJd0BvJNx9uCzmGE] -->