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The Opportunities API enables you to discover business opportunities for your connected properties. These opportuntities aim to improve the property's chances of gaining more bookings. Each opportunity carries information that explains what it is about and what actions you and the property can take.


You can use the Opportunities API to:

Key concepts

The Opportunities API enables you to retrieve information on opportunities. The most important part of that information is the implementation type, which tells you how to act upon the opportunity. You can encounter the follow three types:

  • TOGGLE enables you to act upon opportunities solely through the Opportunities API with the following two actions:

    • Enable: Implements opportunity for specified property or properties.
    • Dismiss: Causes opportunity for specified property or properties to disappear.
  • REDIRECT enables you to implement the opportunity in two ways: (1) It informs you of what API you must use (destination API), or (2) it contains a URL that redirects you to the appropriate extranet page of the specified property. You can still perform the following action through the Opportunities API:

    • Dismiss: Causes opportunity for specified property or properties to disappear.
  • PROVIDER is a special version of REDIRECT. This implementation type concerns time-sensitive opportunities, such as High Demand Dates to inform properties when demand for rooms in their area is high. You must implement the opportunity yourself via the Rates and Availability API.

Getting started

Are you certified?

You must be a certified Connectivity Partner to use the Opportunities API. If you're not certified yet, submit your details first.


The Opportunities API uses basic authentication. Each request must have the following Authorization header:

AuthorizationMachine account username and passwordstringRequiredExample: Authorization: Basic {username:password}

If you need more information on how it works, see Authentication.

Use case

To find and implement (or dismiss) a specific Opportunities for multiple properties at the same time, do the following:

  1. Retrieve all opportunities that are available on by calling the retrieving all opportunities endpoint.
  2. Choose (or look for) the opportunity that you want to implement and show to your properties.
  3. Copy the opportunity_id.
  4. See which of your properties are eligible for the opportunity you chose by pasting the opportunity_id as a query parameter in the retrieving properties by opportunity endpoint.
  5. Filter on status eligible to group the eligible properties.
  6. Add the opportunity_id together with property_id and action as separate JSON objects in the request body of the implementing or dismissing opportunities in bulk endpoint.
Set action to `ENABLE`

Do not forget to add ENABLE to each action key.

Going live

Before you go live with your API integration, you'll need to meet certain requirements. For more information, see Going Live.

Support and feedback

If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us.