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Retrieving missed reservations

Use the GET /reservations-flow-control/missed-reservations endpoint to retrieve missed reservations for all your properties.

When processing reservations using OTA endpoints, after processing the missed reservations in your system, make sure to send an acknowledgement for those reservations so that's records are updated as well:

We recommend calling the GET /reservations-flow-control/missed-reservations endpoint at least once every 30 minutes.

The feature 'Enable Reservation Recovery API' is deactivated by default

To start implementing the Reservations Recovery API, contact the Connectivity support team who will activate the feature for you.

With the feature enabled, the timeout period to trigger the fallback email changes from 30 minutes to 24 hours with the exception of reservations whose check-in date is within the next 48 hours. For such reservations, the fallback email is triggered immediately after the 30-minute timeout period.

Deactivation of the usage of the `last_change` query parameter while retrieving reservation messages

Because Reservations Recovery API helps you retrieve missed reservations messages, you no longer need to use the last_change query parameter while retrieving reservations messages using either OTA or B.XML endpoints.

Therefore, after you enable the feature 'Enable Reservation Recovery API', continuing to use the last_change query parameter will return the following error response: invalid last_change value - an ISO 8601 date and time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss), at most 30 minutes ago because you are a part of the Reservation Recovery program.



Query parameters

You can use the following query parameters to further limit your search.

page_sizeSpecifies the maximum number of pages you would like to retrieve the missed reservations.integeroptionalDefault: 50

Query parameter example

The following query parameter retrieves missed reservations with page-size: 10.

Response body example

The following is a successful response body example:

    "errors": [],
    "data": [
            "checkin": "2023-12-23",
            "reference_type": "confirmation_to_hotel",
            "hotel_id": 0011125,
            "uri": "",
            "reservation_status": "active",
            "reservation_id": 0016986201
    "meta": {
        "ruid": "moUFs252tSVYkc2RlIyh9YTK3FrpKPY1szkzuWJLO536JCpJFDCgMsNdofFUAxtIEQ0svkvkxwbsz5ypzLK4fP4vD9Fr81Q2WNvhsAjZFYR7IzVjfKV2UzeJzdey2632",
        "next_page": "\"
    "warnings": []

Response body elements

The following table describes the response elements:

dataContains the response object.object
> checkinSpecifies the check-in date.string
> reference_typeSpecifies the reservation type you retrieved.string
> hotel_idSpecifies the property ID.integer
> uriSpecifies the link to the full reservation object.stringThis link refers to the OTA endpoint of the Reservations API.
> reservations_statusSpecifies a status from a list of reservation status.enumerated stringCan contain the following values:
- active: The reservation is open for stay or stayed.
- cancelled: The reservation was cancelled.
- archived: The reservation was archived because the checkin date was far back in the past.
> reservation_idSpecifies the ID of the reservation.integer
metaContains the meta data that comes with the response.object
> next_pageSpecifies the URL with the next page of results.string
> ruidSpecifies the unique ID of the request.stringYou can share this ID with the Connectivity Support team when you run into an issue. This can help in understanding what went wrong.
errorsContains potential errors. These can help you understand what went wrong with your request.array
warningsContains potential warnings. These can help you improve your requests.array

Quick Actions

→ To retrieve new reservations using the OTA solution, see Retrieving new reservations.
→ To acknowledge missed confirmation messages using the OTA solution, see Acknowledging new reservations.

→ To retrieve modified or cancelled reservations using the OTA solution, see Retrieving modified or cancelled reservations.
→ To acknowledge missed modification or cancellation messages using the OTA solution, see Acknowledging modified or cancelled reservations.

→ To process reservations using the B.XML endpoint, see Retrieving reservations using B.XML