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Retrieving Guest Reviews IFrame URL

This iframe URL enables a property to see guest reviews and the property's replies within their own system or website. To retrieve the iframe URL, you must call the following endpoint:



To authenticate, add your credentials in the header of your request.

AuthorizationMachine account username and passwordstringRequiredExample: Authorization: Basic {username:password}


Besides authentication in the header, this request does not require any other parameters.

Response body

  "data": {
    "iframe_url": "{token}"
  "errors": [],
  "meta": {
    "ruid": "UmFuZG9tSVYkc2Rl...="
  "warnings": []

Using the Guest Reviews IFrame URL

Copy the iframe URL and add it to the src attribute of an iframe element. You can also load it into a native webview. Both of these solutions enable you to embed it within the interface of a property management system (PMS).

Refresh token every three hours

The URL contains a token which is only usable for three hours. After three hours, you run into an error. To avoid this, you can do a periodic call or add the necessary code that detects expiration and renews the token by calling the endpoint again.