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Step 2 – Retrieve property details

You have learned to create a property and update a field. Now is a good time to retrieve your property's details from the API. We recommend doing this regularly – before you update a field, for example – to make sure you and are working with the same information.

Use the OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo endpoint to retrieve your property's details:


The request body should contain your property's ID, like so:

    <HotelDescriptiveInfo HotelCode="{PropertyID}"></HotelDescriptiveInfo>        

The response is long, so we won't give a full example here, but the first few lines look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  xsi:schemaLocation=" OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfoRS.xsd"
          HotelName="The Best Hotel"
          Status="Test Hotel"
<!-- Skipping lines for brevity. -->
<!-- RUID: [UmFuZG9tSVY...] -->

The HotelDescriptiveContent[@Status] attribute tells you the current status of your property. Because this is a test property, the status will never change from Test Hotel.

The rest of the body contains all the fields you set earlier. But you might also notice some other things:

  • A number of Policy elements with default settings related to pets and taxes.
To learn more

To learn more about the last call, see OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo

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