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Contacts API overview

Use the Contacts API to create and manage property contact information. To open/list a property on, a general/primary point of contact is required.

In addition, you can:

  • Create one contact and use the same contact information to represent multiple contact profile types.
  • Replace multiple contact details using a single request.

What you can do with Contacts API

The following are the benefits of using the contacts-api:

  • Just send only contacts information and no other property information.
  • You can update any contact details including of types: General when the property is open and bookable.
  • You can use the same contact details for multiple contact types. This reduces creating duplicate contacts for different purposes.
  • Get familiar with the validation checks early.
  • See an improved request and response body structure in Json.

For more details on the Contacts API, see Managing contact details.

Supported actions using Contacts API

The following table summarises the tasks, the HTTP method and the endpoints that the API supports.

EndpointTaskHTTP Method
contacts-apiCreate a contact.PUT
contacts-apiUpdate/Overwrite an existing contact.PUT
contacts-apiDelete a contact.PUT
contacts-apiRetrieve contact details.GET

In short, you can use one endpoint using the PUT method to create, update, overwrite/delete property contact details.

Quick Actions

→ To create and manage contact details, see Managing contact details.
→ To learn more about the Contacts API use cases, see Contacts API implementation use cases.
→ To troubleshoot Contacts API errors, see Troubleshooting Contacts API error responses.
→ To learn more about the Property API, see Introduction to Property API.