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Property API overview

Using the Property API to create or update a property and its details. You can also add or remove property settings.

Supported actions using Property API

The following table summarises the tasks, the HTTP method and the endpoints that the API supports.

EndpointTaskHTTP Method
property-api/propertiesCreate a property.POST
property-api/properties/{{propertyID}}Update/Overwrite existing property details.PATCH
property-api/properties/{{propertyID}}Retrieve property details.GET
[In beta] property-api/properties/{{propertyID}}/settingsCreate or update property settings details.POST
[In beta] property-api/properties/{{propertyID}}/settingsRetrieve property settings details.GET

What can you do with Property Details API

The following are the benefits of using the property-api:

  • Create or update a property's details such as name, property category, check in/out time and physical location without impacting other information.
  • Edit the property location by changing the property's latitude and longitude values.
  • Specify an external property ID while creating a property. This could be the ID of the property within your system and may be useful for you while you're debugging or testing your integration.
  • Create a property ID quickly by providing minimum information. Add the rest of the details later using other endpoints.
  • See an improved request and response body structure in Json.
  • Get familiar with the validation checks for property creation and property updates early.

For more details on the Property Details API, see Managing property details.

What can you do with Property IDs?

Once you have created a property ID, you can use it to:

  • Add or update additional property details such as:
    • Property contact information
    • Facilities and room amenities
    • Room details including occupancy and bedding, and
    • Taxes and fees information
  • Retrieve property details either using the Property Details API or the OTA_HotelDescriptiveInfo endpoint.
  • Check whether a property is ready to be set to open and bookable.

Quick Actions

→ To create and manage property details, see Managing property details.
→ To learn more about the Property API use cases, see Property API implementation use cases.
→ To troubleshoot Property API errors, see Troubleshooting Property API error responses.
→ To learn more about the Contacts API, see Introduction to Contacts API.