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Property Profile API

Property Profile is used by properties and contains information about the host or hosting company. This information includes:

  • Name of the host or hosting company
  • Photo of the host or logo of the company
  • Information about the building - date when the property was built, when was it last renovated

Mostly, having this kind of profile is useful for Booking Home property types.


  • Create/Update/Delete hotelier messages of different types
  • Upload/Delete photo of your property profile
  • Set/Retrieve information associated with property profile (building renovation date, built date, etc)


The Property Profile API uses Basic Authentication, based on your machine account credentials. See also the Authentication page.

Message formats

The Property Profile API accepts and returns JSON.

API Documentation

To get started with Property Profile API, please check out our Property Profile API reference.

Going live

Before you go live with your Property Profile API integration, we recommend contacting your account manager or the Connectivity Support team.

Support & feedback

Need help integrating with Property Profile API? The experts in our Connectivity Support team are here to help.

Have ideas for how we can improve your experience of using Property Profile? To give us your feedback:

  1. Log in to the Connectivity Portal
  2. In the top menu, click .
  3. Select Give Feedback.