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Demand API V3

Version 3 of the Demand API is a fundamental redesign and evolution of the Demand API, which provides significant improvements to the user and developer experience, and to application performance.

Plan your migration

Follow these steps to help you plan your migration, identify the things that you need to consider, and find the information that you'll need to implement it:

✓ Get to know Version 3. Browse the documentation and try out the API.

✓ Read Changes in V3. This topic summarises the main changes that we have made to the Demand API architecture, design and functionality between V2 and V3.

✓ Read Migrate integration to help you understand and construct the main migration requirements for your particular integration.

✓ Refer to Migrate individual V2 endpoints to find detailed information about how to migrate your use of each V2 endpoint to its V3 equivalent(s).