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(ERR) Error Codes (OTA 2014B) — Implemented

1'No service at requested time'
2'No service on requested provider'
3'No service on requested date'
4'Cannot access - service departed'
5'Service is temporarily off sale'
6'Service closed for sales'
7'Route code invalid'
8'No reservations on route requested'
9'Requested service is fully booked'
10'One class service'
11'Service connections not possible'
12'One class service'
13'Itinerary not in date/time order'
14'No suitable services found'
15'Invalid date'
16'Service has been cancelled'
17'Time request not with fare/tariff'
18'Itinerary not possible'
19'Name is missing or incomplete'
20'Number of passengers invalid'
21'Passenger type quota exceeded'
22'Passengers exceed commercial rules'
23'Passenger type not supported'
24'Passenger class capacity exceeded'
25'Passenger types not consistent'
26'At least one adult must be included'
27'Passenger details are mandatory'
28'No more accommodation available'
29'No more accommodation in class'
30'Accommodation type quota exceeded'
31'Dogs not allowed in accommodation'
32'Under occupancy not allowed'
33'Accommodation reservation mandatory'
34'Requested accommodation is occupied'
35'Cabin number(s) cannot be found'
36'Address formatting error'
37'Place number(s) cannot be found'
38'Gender configuration not available'
39'Accommodation type invalid'
40'No under occupancy exclusivity'
41'Occupancy must include an adult'
42'Too many classes'
43'Too many accommodation types'
44'No under/over occupancy allowed'
45'Sole occupancy only allowed'
46'Package excludes this accommodation'
47'Passenger/accommodation discrepancy'
48'Tariff type invalid'
49'Tariff invalid for passenger mix'
50'Tariff rules not yet released'
51'Prices not yet released'
52'Special offer rules not fulfilled'
53'No price exists for the tariff'
54'Concession price not available'
55'Concession date/time restriction'
56'Concession code invalid'
57'Concession rule needs one adult'
58'Price(s) cannot be validated'
59'Offer price cannot be calculated'
60'Ticket numbers missing or invalid'
61'Invalid currency code'
62'Cannot requote after ticketing'
63'Cannot ticket until booking priced'
64'Tickets do not match reservation'
65'Cannot ticket - already issued'
66'No open return on route requested'
67'No open return with accommodation'
68'No accommodation without a route'
69'Minimum stay criteria not fulfilled'
70'Maximum stay criteria not fulfilled'
71'Cannot ticket at this agency'
72'Cannot ticket - cancelled booking'
73'Cannot ticket - expired booking'
74'Cannot ticket - itinerary commenced'
75'Cannot ticket - not yet released'
76'Ticket issue request not possible'
77'Tickets on departure only possible'
78'Scheme qualifications not fulfilled'
79'Scheme membership not recognised'
80'Insufficient scheme credit units'
81'Insufficient scheme units requested'
82'Booking not eligible for scheme'
83'Leg/journey/itinerary reference invalid'
84'Itinerary elements not reserved'
85'Itinerary element does not exist'
86'Cannot cancel - itinerary complete'
87'Booking reference invalid'
88'Cannot cancel - service has started'
89'Cannot recall - status mismatch'
90'Cannot amend - itinerary complete'
91'Cannot recall - itinerary mismatch'
92'Booking temporarily unavailable'
93'Only firm bookings allowed'
94'Identical booking references'
95'Booking already cancelled'
96'Duplicated itinerary'
97'Booking reference not found'
98'Accommodation not found in booking'
99'Booking not owned by requester'
100'Cannot recall last booking made'
101'Cannot book - departure too close'
102'Booking reference not connected'
103'Cannot access - itinerary complete'
104'Accommodation - no availability'
105'Cannot access - provider ticketed'
106'Too many rooms/units'
107'Cannot book - too far in advance'
108'Accommodation code not recognised'
109'Cannot book - arrival too close'
110'Accommodation closed at this time'
111'Booking invalid'
112'Too many nights'
113'Mandatory booking details missing'
114'Grade of accommodation invalid'
115'Board basis/meal plan invalid'
116'Category of room/unit invalid'
117'Cannot access booking details'
118'Booking status invalid'
119'Too many people in room/unit'
120'Accommodation cannot be changed'
121'Accommodation not contracted'
122'End date has passed'
123'Too many children'
124'Too many babies'
125'Room/unit type not offered'
126'Too many babies in room/unit'
127'Reservation already exists'
128'Package or item identity invalid'
129'Package closed for sales'
130'Package departure date too close'
131'Room/unit type invalid'
132'Room/unit type - no availability'
133'Room/unit type not contracted'
134'Mode of transport not allowed'
135'End date is invalid'
136'Start date is invalid'
137'Adult numbers/occupancy mismatch'
138'Child numbers/occupancy mismatch'
139'Commission rate invalid'
140'Too many allocated rooms/units'
141'Room/unit code incorrect'
142'Occupancy rules not fulfilled'
143'Price incorrect for room/unit'
144'Voucher value cannot be negative'
145'Duration period or dates incorrect'
146'Service requested incorrect'
147'Taxes incorrect'
148'Arrival or from date required'
149'Voucher value too high'
150'Changes are not permitted'
151'Must recall booking first'
152'Number of rooms/units required'
153'Room/unit type details required'
154'Room/unit price required'
155'Accommodation details not complete'
156'Commission not applicable'
157'Zero commission not acceptable'
158'Departure or to date required'
159'Voucher must have a value'
160'Minimum one room/unit or service'
161'Search criteria invalid'
162'Voucher - cancel deposit first'
163'Payment type invalid'
164'Voucher - deposit cancelled'
165'Voucher - deposit already deducted'
166'Voucher - no booking deposit found'
167'Payment rejected'
168'Agent not recognised'
169'Agent code invalid'
170'Premises not recognised'
171'Booking not made by this agent'
172'Requested action not possible'
173'Agency code required'
174'Bookings made by different agents'
175'Password invalid'
176'Password not allowed'
177'Premises suspended - access denied'
178'Booking not made by this premises'
179'Agency training mode access only'
180'Terminal identification invalid'
181'Invalid country code'
182'Password required'
183'Agency suspended - access denied'
184'Language code invalid'
185'Quotes not possible for this agent'
186'Booking closed - contact provider'
187'System currently unavailable'
188'Transaction error - please report'
189'Payment not authorised'
190'Wrong network - access denied'
191'System busy - please try later'
192'Cannot access - amended by provider'
193'Cancellation process failed'
194'No matching bookings found'
195'Service restriction - security'
196'Service restriction - access hours'
197'Undetermined error - please report'
198'Alternative service booked'
199'More services available'
200'One class service'
201'Accommodation not as requested'
202'No alternative accommodation'
203'Associated booking(s) not recalled'
204'Insufficient extra berths/beds'
205'Number of berths/beds invalid'
206'Only one extra berth/bed possible'
207'ARC/IATA number do not match reservation'
208'ARC/IATA number required to cancel reservation'
209'Arrival flight time not close to pickup time'
210'Cancel needs special handling'
211'Cannot make a reservation this long a duration'
212'Cannot make a reservation this short a duration'
213'Credit card in profile not accepted at pickup location'
214'Dropoff date time not within operating hours'
215'Dropoff location needs special handling'
216'Entered airline flight does not arrive at pickup location'
217'Entered credit card not accepted at pickup location'
218'Frequent renter number required for this rate'
219'Need advance notice for this pickup time'
220'No rental facility details available'
221'No vehicle available that match selection (No cars available for this request.)'
222'One way cross border violation'
223'One way rental less than minimum required'
224'One way rentals not allowed from this location'
225'One way rentals not allowed to this location'
226'Pickup date has passed'
227'Pickup date time not within operating hours'
228'Pickup location needs special handling'
229'Pickup location not recognized'
230'Pickup time must be before return time'
231'Requested special equipment not available at pickup location'
232'Return date is before pickup date'
233'Return location not recognized'
234'Selected vehicle class not available'
235'Selected vehicle type not available'
236'Too many special equipment requested'
237'Invalid customer number'
238'Customer number requires special handling'
239'Flight number must be accompanied by an airline.'
240'Credit card has expired'
241'Expiration date is invalid'
242'Credit card number is invalid or missing'
243'Invalid ARC/IATA number'
244'Email address is invalid'
245'Invalid confirmation number'
246'Invalid country code provided for driver's license'
247'Invalid state or province code provides for driver's license'
248'Invalid airline code'
249'Invalid rate code'
250'Invalid special equipment codes'
251'Last name and customer number do not match'
252'Last name entered does not match confirmation number'
253'Invalid pick up time'
254'Reservation date has passed'
255'Reservation in use'
256'Invalid car type'
257'Reservation was credit card secured'
258'Cancellation of reservation requires special handling'
259'Reservation requires special handling'
260'Vehicle in profile is not currently available'
261'Discount number is invalid'
262'No customer profile found for credit card number'
263'No rate could be found for the given information'
264'Reservation cannot be cancelled'
265'Contract requires guarantee'
266'Id number must match guarantee number'
267'Multiple contracts found for ID'
268'Corporate discount field required with voucher field'
269'Invalid voucher number'
270'Corporate discount requires voucher'
271'Corporate discount requires rate code'
272'Credit card deposit not allowed'
273'Reservation not current'
274'Must include CD number for government rate'
275'Must include CD number for corporate rate'
276'Expired club membership'
277'Cancelled club membership'
278'Requested rate not available for all vehicle types'
279'Requested car category not available'
280'Requested car category or rate code not available'
281'Reservation requires credit card data'
282'Client name does not match profile name'
283'Invalid name
284'No reservations found for search criteria'
285'Invalid first name'
286'First name contains invalid characters'
287'Invalid last name'
288'Last name contains invalid characters'
289'Invalid personal number'
290'Invalid state/province/territory code'
291'Invalid zip/postal code'
292'Country in address is invalid'
293'Invalid departure time'
294'Invalid arrival time'
295'Invalid arrival city'
296'Inquiry requires reservation number or car type'
297'Unable to process - insufficient data'
298'City in address is required'
299'Credit card authorization timed out'
300'Improper corporate Id number specified'
301'No cars available'
302'Car not available for city dates plan'
303'Unable to complete process - please call reservations'
304'Invalid expiration format MMYY'
305'Invalid booking source'
306'Invalid association ID or promo code'
307'Cannot guarantee special equipment or car type'
308'Special equipment not available'
309'Requested rate may have changed - note rate'
310'Required data missing: last name'
311'Required data missing: first name'
312'Required data missing: airline flight number'
313'Required data missing: credit card type'
314'Required data missing: country of residence'
315'Required data missing: confirmation number'
316'Required data missing: phone number'
317'Invalid phone number'
318'Required data missing: arrival time'
319'Required data missing: address'
320'Invalid value'
321'Required field missing'
322'No availability'
323'All not valid'
342'Cancel fee may apply'
343'Can't sell
344'Can't sell
345'Can't sell
346'Closed to arrivals'
347'Company address required'
348'Company or travel agent address required'
349'Contact housing office'
350'Credit card deposits only'
351'Credit card guarantee not accepted at hotel'
352'Invalid credit card type'
353'Departure date is past dated'
354'Deposit forfeiture and/or refund may apply'
355'Deposit/guarantee due immediately'
356'Invalid action/status code'
357'Invalid city'
358'Error convention/group code'
359'Error convention/group name'
360'Error entry code'
361'Invalid hotel'
362'Invalid number of nights'
363'Invalid number of rooms'
364'Error rate range'
365'Error credit card'
366'Error during processing
367'Invalid format'
368'Error no active accommodation'
369'Frequency (SMTWTFS) specified does not match date'
370'Frequent guest points cannot be redeemed at this time'
371'Full payment or deposit required'
372'Guarantee code not accepted at this hotel'
373'Guarantee required immediately'
374'Guaranteed room type is not offered by this brand'
375'Hotel not active'
376'Hotel full check alternated'
377'Invalid - max number of nights exceeded'
378'Invalid - max number of rooms exceeded'
379'Invalid - only one name allowed'
380'Invalid arrival date for group'
381'Invalid check-in date'
382'Invalid check-out date'
383'Invalid city code'
384'Invalid client file for product type'
385'Invalid confirmation or cancellation number'
386'Invalid fax number'
387'Invalid guarantee option'
388'Invalid guaranteed room type'
389'Invalid guarantee type'
390'Invalid hold type'
391'Invalid hold until time'
392'Invalid hotel code'
393'Invalid hotel location type'
394'Invalid item'
395'Invalid message text'
396'Invalid name'
397'Invalid number of adults'
398'Invalid number specified'
399'Invalid product type code'
400'Invalid property code'
401'Invalid rate requested field'
402'Invalid room type'
403'Invalid segment type'
404'Invalid start/end date combination'
405'Invalid vendor'
406'Invalid for convention/group'
407'Item too long'
408'Last page of data already displayed'
409'Maximum length of stay restriction'
410'Minimum length of stay error'
411'Minimum length of stay restriction'
412'Modification completed'
414'More days were specified than exist in inventory'
415'Multiple hotels in same GNR not allowed'
416'Multi-room/name combination invalid'
417'Name change not allowed'
418'Name/address missing'
419'Need names'
420'Need e-mail address'
421'No rooms available for waitlist'
422'No active accommodation found'
423'No alternates defined for requested location'
424'No hotels found which match this input'
425'No match found'
426'No rates offered for this sell request'
427'No rooms available for requested dates'
428'No tax information available'
429'Number nights deposit exceeds stay'
431'Out date past end date'
432'Payment or deposit required
433'Please book on a separate reservation'
434'Product requested not in city requested'
435'Property name required'
436'Rate does not exist'
437'Rate unavailable'
438'Requested rate not available'
440'Request completed'
441'Requested rate not available for entire stay'
442'Requested rate not available for waitlist'
443'Requested rate not offered at this location'
444'Restrictions - limit 1 room'
445'Seasonal rate change error'
446'Service request not allowed'
447'Unable to update - simultaneous updates'
448'System error'
449'Unable to add IATA nbr to existing reservation'
450'Unable to process'
451'Unable to retrieve client file'
452'Use advance purchase arrival guarantee'
453'Voucher number required'
454'Wholesaler client file required'
455'Wholesaler rate requires wholesaler client file'
456'Work block is corrupted - cannot proceed'
457'Need arrival information'
458'Date outside inventory period'
459'Invalid request code'
460'Child seat not available this city/location'
461'Child seat not available on this car type'
462'Child seat not available for one way'
463'Child seat not available for this car type for this date'
464'Child seat on request only'
465'Advance booking for child seat not met'
466'Left hand controls not available this city/location'
467'Left hand controls not available on this car type'
468'Left hand controls not available for one way'
469'Left hand controls not available for this car type for this date'
470'Left hand controls on request only'
471'Advance booking for left hand controls not met'
472'Right hand controls not available this city/location'
473'Right hand controls not available on this car type'
474'Right hand controls not available for one way'
475'Right hand controls not available for this car type for this date'
476'Right hand controls on request only'
477'Advance booking for right hand controls not met'
478'Ski equipment not available this city/location'
479'Ski equipment not available on this car type'
480'Ski equipment not available for one way'
481'Ski equipment not available for this car type for this date'
482'Ski equipment on request only'
483'Advance booking for ski equipment not met'
484'Snowboards not available this city/location'
485'Snowboards not available on this car type'
486'Snowboards not available for one way'
487'Snowboards not available for this car type for this date'
488'Snowboards on request only'
489'Advance booking for snowboards not met'
490'Seat belt extenders not available this city/llocation'
491'Seat belt extenders not available on this car type'
492'Seat belt extenders not available for one way'
493'Seat belt extenders not available for this car type this date'
494'Seat belt extenders on request only'
495'Advance booking for seat belt extenders not met'
496'Unable to combine special equipment'
497'Authorization error'
498'Seat map not available for requested carrier'
499'Flight number and origin/destination cities do not match'
500'Cabin type is not valid for the flight requested'
501'Invalid date for flight requested'
502'Advance notice requirements not met'
503'Invalid form of deposit'
504'Extra bed or crib not available'
505'Invalid bed type'
506'Credit card not accepted at property'
507'Room type on request'
508'Invalid/missing reservation booking designator'
509'Invalid/missing board point'
510'Invalid/missing off point'
511'Invalid zone'
512'Advance seat selection not available for this flight'
513'Advance seat selection not available
514'Advance seat request on code share carrier flight restricted'
515'Advance seat selection temporarily not available
516'Advance seat selection not available for this class/compartment/zone'
517'Advance seat selection not available
518'Need prior availability request'
519'Generic seating only'
520'Booking not changed - data received differs from stored data'
521'Seats are in different zones'
522'Unable to divide booking'
523'Surname too long'
524'Given name/title too long'
525'Name given in SSR is too long'
526'Seat already assigned'
527'Invalid number of inventory adjustments'
528'Invalid segment data in itinerary'
529'Invalid action on name change'
530'Format of content of required information with this SSR service code is invalid'
531'Flight does not operate on date requested'
532'Not avaliable due to traffic restrictions'
533'Unable - connection market unavailable'
534'Not suitable for cargo aircraft'
535'Account does not allow redemption'
536'Invalid promotion code'
537'Promotion code not available for vehicle/date'
538'Promotion code not available this city/location'
539'Advance booking not met for promotion code'
540'Promotion code has min/max day requirements'
541'Promotion code is not available for one way'
542'Promotion code requires specific corporate discount number'
543'Promotion code expired for specified date'
544'Promotion code in blackout for city/date'
545'Booster seat not available this city/location'
546'Child infant seat not available this city/location'
547'Booster seat not available for this date/time'
548'Child infant seat not available for this date/time'
549'Booster seat not available for one way'
550'Child infant seat not available for one way'
551'Booster seat is not available on this car type'
552'Child infant seat is not available on this car type'
553'Booster seat on request only'
554'Child infant seat on request only'
555'Advance booking for booster seat not met'
556'Advance booking for child infant seat not met'
557'Valid coupon must be presented at counter'
558'Accounts are settled in a currency different from the quoted rate currency'
559'Booking period restriction applies'
560'Stay not compliant with availability restrictions'
561'Loyalty program not found'
562'Rate restricted'
563'Closed to departure'
564'Force sell restricted'
565'Amount override restricted'
566'Cancellation policies override restricted'
567'Modification penalties apply'
568'Cancellation penalties apply'
569'Group booking required'
570'Cannot cancel - arrival too close - call property'
571'Travel agency name required'
572'Company name required'
573'Calendar availability is not supported by this external partner'
574'Avaliability with pricing information is not supported by this external partner'
575'Closed restriction'
576'Rental city missing'
577'Vehicle type missing'
578'Pickup date missing'
579'Return date missing'
580'Pickup not allowed this city/location'
581'Cash payment not allowed this date/time'
582'Rates not guaranteed beyond 30 days'
583'Frequent traveler excessive field length'
584'Invalid tour-convention number'
585'Res's with delivery/collection only modifiable by the booking location'
586'Verify drop off location'
587'Flight required for frequent renter service'
588'Name change not allowed customer number present'
589'Special equipment not offered on this car type'
590'Special equipment not offered this city/location'
591'Advance booking for special equipment not met'
592'Requested rate does not qualify'
593'Corp discount number required this rate code'
594'Residency restrictions not met'
595'Customer not entitled to this rate plan'
596'Flight info required for this rate code'
597'Special equipment not available for one way'
598'Rate code selected applies to one way only'
599'Rate code selected exceeds maximum days'
600'Rate code selected must return downtown'
601'Rate code selected must return to an airport'
602'Rate code selected must return to a hotel'
603'Rate code selected must return to same location'
604'Rate code selected not available for one way'
605'Rate code selected must return within same state'
606'Rate code selected cannot be used with promotion code'
607'Corp discount agreement requires contract rate when available'
608'Tour requested requires specific rate code'
609'Location requires specific corp discount'
610'Invalid number of coupons specified'
611'Promotion does not have optimal benefit'
612'Rate code requires specific form of payment'
613'Special equipment on request only'
614'Invalid tour date or tour number'
615'Unable to confirm tour'
616'Tour booking does not qualify'
617'Corp discount requires IATA number'
618'Fax requires valid country code'
619'Fax number required'
620'Must include billing number'
621'Tour rate not available'
622'Frequent guest number required for corp discount number'
623'Invalid frequent guest number'
624'Customer member number required for frequent traveler'
625'Frequent traveler invalid for booking source'
626'Frequent traveler not available with corp discount number'
627'Frequent guest number not available with frequent traveler number'
628'Rate code requires specific frequent traveler or frequent guest number'
629'Special equipment not available for this cartype for this date/time'
630'Unable to authorize-please enter alternate credit card'
631'Company name code invalid or missing'
632'Prepaid modify or cancel not allowed-call reservations'
633'We are unable to process your request-please remove the slash'
634'Call reservations for rate details'
635'Data not found'
636'Out of hours returns on request only'
637'Please contact the location for multi-month reservations'
638'Location not valid for tour-contact reservations'
639'Request not sent to rate engine'
640'No rate plan qualifies for this one-way rental'
641'One-way rental on request only'
642'Frequent traveler required this corp discount number'
643'Frequent traveler invalid for this rental'
644'Frequent traveler incomplete or invalid'
645'Form of payment not valid for this rate'
646'Debit cards not accepted at this location'
647'Customer member number required for this credit card'
648'Invalid customer member number for this credit card'
649'Delivery & collection lead time not met-please call reservations'
650'Contact phone number required for delivery and or collection'
651'Home delivery and collection not available to this address'
652'Call reservations for delivery and collection on this corp discount number'
653'Form of payment required for delivery or collection res'
654'Unable to modify due to previous changes made by phone'
655'Rate requested requires a specific IATA number'
656'Address not found for delivery or collection call reservations'
657'Incomplete address for delivery or collection'
658'Country required for delivery or collection'
659'Must perform new rate request or sell another vehicle'
660'Car not available with this corporate discount number'
661'Date outside of convention dates'
662'Convention not valid for intl locations'
663'E-voucher not available for this destination'
664'Pickup location seasonal closed'
665'Pickup location permanently closed'
666'Pickup location holiday closed'
667'Pickup location temporarily closed'
668'Return location permanently closed'
669'Return location holiday closed'
670'Return location temporarily closed'
671'Return location seasonal closed'
672'Award certificate number required-call reservations'
673'Loc is restricted to gold cust only'
674'State or province required for delivery & collection in the US
675'Must include corp discount number for delivery and or collection'
676'Customer member number required for delivery and or collection'
677'Tour requires corp discount number'
678'Advance booking for pickup service not met'
679'Booking outside location hours-must include guarantee'
680'Invalid rental loc for this delivery and collection request'
681'Invalid iso country code for delivery or collection'
682'Post code data required for home delivery or collection'
683'Iso country not allowed for delivery or collection on this corp discount number'
684'Voucher number required for payment type on this rental'
685'This location does not accept debit cards-enter alternate card'
686'Vehicle not available on tour'
687'Debit card not accepted for this rental-enter alternate card'
688'Vehicle requires frequent renter number'
689'Email address required for confo'
690'Card entered is not accepted-enter alternate card'
691'Promotion code requires frequent renter number'
692'Frequent renter number not enrolled in awards program'
693'Maximum days exceeded for prepaid rate'
694'Frequent renter number cannot be used with this promotional code'
695'Rental requirements not met for this promotion code'
696'Unable to process this request-please call reservations'
697'Navigational system not allowed on after hour returns'
698'Must provide phone number at which customer can be reached at time of delivery'
699'Must provide phone number at which customer can be reached at time of collection'
700'Navigational system not allowed on delivery or collection'
701'Snow tires not available this city/location'
702'Snow tires not available this date/time'
703'Snow tires not available for one way'
704'Snow tires on request only'
705'Snow tires not available on this cartype'
706'Advance notice not met for snow tires'
707'Wheelchair accessible bus not available this city/location'
708'Debit cards cannot be used to rent this vehicle'
709'No matching car types available'
710'Not enough points for promotion code-call reservations'
711'No prepaid rate available-must change request or cancel'
712'Cannot change method of payment-must change request or cancel'
713'Currency of payment cannot be changed-must cancel or change'
714'Third request to change cannot be processed'
715'Change request cannot be actioned-must cancel and make new res'
716'Car not in channel processing'
717'Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available this city/location'
718'Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available this date/time'
719'Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available for one way'
720'Portable dvd/cd/picture player request only'
721'Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available on this cartype'
722'Advance notice not met for portable dvd/cd/picture player'
723'No response from vendor'}
724'Vendor response error'}
725'No rules information for booking code/date requested'}
726'Past hold time error'}
727'Maximum of length of stay error'}
728'Vehicle on request'
729'Customer is on do not rent list'
730'Invalid room type for requested hotel'
731'Room type discontinued at this hotel'
732'Invalid room type for rate requested'
734'Invalid corporate number for guarantee'
735'Cancel hotel segments just booked
736'Address required for guarantee'
737'System restricted'
738'Form of deposit required for guarantee'
739'Deposit not accepted within 72 hours'
740'Gurantee required after 6pm arrival'
741'Hotel requires guarantee'
742'Corporate ID required'
743'Invalid message length'
744'Invalid field length'
745'Invalid field ID'
746'Name or frequent guest number required'
747'Invalid frequent guesT number - numerics only'
748'Invalid corporate ID'
749'Invalid address format'
750'Invalid supplemental information'
751'Adult rollaway number exceeds limit'
752'Child rollaway number exceeds limit'
753'Crib number exceeds limit'
754'Extra adult number exceeds limit'
755'Extra child number exceeds limit'
756'IT number invalid'
757'Unable to retrieve guest name record'
758'Link process shut off'
759'Confo nbr not received on modify
760'Must cancel/rebook property change'
761'Frequent guest number cannot be changed'
762'Corporate ID cannot be changed'
763'Cannot modify name when frequent guest number present'
764'Guest name may not be deleted'
765'Phone may not be deleted'
766'Advance deposit required for this hotel'
767'Invalid room stay index'
768'Inconsistent status'
769'Only first reservation processed'
770'Required data missing: reservation holder'
771'Additional penalties are not included in the total'
772'Hotel geo-coding not yet available for country requested'
773'Invalid length of parameter for search by address'
774'Invalid format for search by address'
775'Nothing found for requested criteria'
776'Invalid length of parameter for search by availability status'
777'Invalid format for search on availability status'
778'No available or on request rooms found use search on all availability status'
779'No available rooms found use search on all availability status'
780'Invalid length of parameter for search by rate range'
781'Invalid format for search by rate range'
782'Rate exceeds maximum allowed for search by rate range'
783'Room or rate not found'
784'Time out �C Please modify your request'
785'Invalid length of parameter for search by distance'
786'Invalid distance
787'Search by distance does not contain a distance measure'
788'Invalid format for search by distance'
789'Hotel geo-coding not yet available for area requested'
790'No properties found for reference point / distance requested'
791'Search by distance and search by area code are mutually exclusive'
792'Automatic search by distance ignored'
793'Invalid �C Use city code or search by reference point option'
794'More hotels possible without automatic search by distance'
795'No similar name found
796'No match for reference point name option. Automatic search by distance ignored.'
797'Geo-Coding not available for country requested �C automatic search by distance ignored'
798'Geo-Coding not available for area requested �C automatic search by distance ignored'
799'Invalid length of parameter for search by facilities'
800'Invalid format for search by facilities'
801'Invalid facility code requested'
802'Invalid length of parameter for search by fire safety facilities'
803'Invalid format for search by fire safety facilities'
804'Invalid fire safety facility code requested'
805'Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel category'
806'Invalid format for search by hotel category'
807'Invalid hotel category requested'
808'Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel name'
809'No similar name found see also associated cities'
810'Invalid length of parameter for search by location'
811'Nothing found for requested city'
812'Location requested not in the system'
813'Invalid length of parameter for search by phone number'
814'Invalid format for search by phone number'
815'Invalid length of parameter for search by reference point'
816'Invalid format for search by reference point'
817'Search by reference point and search by area are mutually exclusive'
818'Automatic search by area ignored'
819'Specify category in search by reference point or make a search for all reference point categories.'
820'Invalid length of parameter for search by third party rating'
821'Invalid format for search by third party rating'
822'Invalid third party rating requested'
823'Invalid length of parameter for search by transportation'
824'Invalid format for search by transportation'
825'Invalid transportation requested'
826'Maximum number of transportation types is 3'
827'Invalid length of parameter for search by zip code'
828'Invalid area requested'
829'Area identified can not be used twice'
830'Invalid length of parameter for search by city'
831'Invalid format for search by foreign currency'
832'Invalid length of parameter for search by foreign currency'
833'Invalid format for search by foreign currency'
834'Search by lowest rate and search by biased display are mutually exclusive'
835'Search by lowest rate and search by travel choice are mutually exclusive'
836'Search by lowest rate and search by hotel name with ordering are mutually exclusive'
837'Search by lowest rate and search by availability status are mutually exclusive'
838'Invalid number of rooms in search by multiple identical room criteria'
839'Invalid length of parameter for search by special rate'
840'Duplicated rate codes'
841'No available or on request rooms found
842'Rate not loaded'
843'Other rates available'
844'Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel chain'
845'Invalid number of hotel chain requested'
846'Invalid format for search by hotel chain'
847'Search by hotel chain and access qualifiers are mutually exclusive'
848'Invalid type of access requested'
849'Invalid number of access type requested'
850'can not create hotel with same (name, lon/lat, address)' extended OTA error codes

CodeMessageAdditional information
1900'Not applicable to resource'The requested action is not applicable to the resource specified, possibly because the resource state does not support this action. The API returns this error when the entity or resource type is in a state that is incompatible with the action you want to perform.
For example, Connections API returns this error when you try to disconnect from a property whose connection request is still pending or when you try to activate an already active connection.
1901'Invalid value for resource'The provided value, although valid, does not suit the specific resource requested.
For example, Connections API returns this error when you try to approve a connection request by providing a different set of Connection types other than requested by the property.