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(BCRT) Room Type Codes

CodeRoom Type DescriptionNotes
1ApartmentSeparate unit with own bathroom and kitchen/kitchenette.
4QuadrupleUnit for 4 persons
5SuiteOnly "Suite" units. "Suite" have to be mentioned in the Unit name.
7TripleUnit for 3 persons.
8TwinUnit for 2 persons with 2 beds.
9DoubleUnit for 2 persons with Double/Queen/King bed.
10SingleUnit for 1 person.
12StudioUnit with kitchenette or kitchen.
13FamilyUnit with "Family" in the unit name. It must have 2+ occupancy.
24Twin/DoubleStandard Double or Twin Room.
25Dormitory roomWhole dormitory unit that is sold as one unit. "Dormitory room" needs to be mentioned in the room name.
26Bed in DormitoryUnit for 1 person only. Please specify number of beds in the availability calls.
Note : Do not include the term "Dormitory room" in the room name. It might have collision with the above room type and might experience issues while opening the property.
Example :
'Single Bed in Dormitory Room' -> this naming causes problem,
'Single Bed in Dormitory' -> this naming works fine.
27BungalowAny type of bungalow units.
28ChaletAny type of Chalet units.
29Holiday homeHouse, Town House, Holiday home units.
31VillaOnly Villa units. "Villa" have to be mentioned in the unit name.
32Mobile homeAny type of Mobile Home units.
33TentAny type of tents.